Actress Beverley Mitchell says she’s binge-eating while pregnant because she can now eat foods that have previously caused her problems. Her food intolerances have apparently disappeared as a result of the pregnancy.

The former “7th Heaven” star and her husband Michael Cameron are expecting a baby in April of 2013. Recently, Mitchell spoke withPeople.comabout her pregnancy experiences. She says that it took a while to get used to her changing body. In a blog for the site, Mitchell writes: “I am… in awe of the body transformation. I have always been incredibly in tune with myself, but watching it truly transform and change shape has been unsettling at times.”

However, she notes, there are some benefits to being pregnant: After years of avoiding dairy products, she’s now able to consume them freely. Mitchell writes: “My food allergies have totally disappeared – turns out baby likes yogurt, eggs, cheese… all things I haven’t eaten in years because of my inability to process them. Bring on the pizza!”

Have you experienced similar changes to your food restrictions during pregnancy? If so, did your food intolerances return once the baby was born, or were they gone permanently?

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