September 28, 2023

Boston’s Children’s and Massachusetts General Hospitals Expanding Food Allergy Research

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The Boston Children’s Hospital and the Massachusetts General Hospital are expanding food allergy research in conjunction with several other medical centers nationally. The work is part of the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) network of coordinated research programs.

The research at BCH and MCH will focus largely on clinical trials for food allergy drug and treatment programs. FARE says that finding single clinical sites large enough to conduct a large scale food allergy trial is very difficult. So the solution was to create many small, satellite sites that can work together under protocols to do it conjointly. FARE says that this should speed up the acceptance and approval of food allergy treatments and pharmaceuticals. The non-profit allergy organization has committed $2 million per year to facilitate the coordinated partnerships. Drug companies working to develop food allergy drugs will utilize the networks and pay for individual research on their products.

Two companies are already on board to begin trials.

Two companies are ready to begin Phase III clinical trials on their products. DVB Technologies, which has developed a patch for peanut allergy treatment, is slated to begin clinical trials soon. Aimmune Therapeutics has developed an oral desensitization product (pill) and is ready to begin Phase III approval trials.

Both of these companies will utilize the infrastructure created by FARE and that now includes Boston Children’s and Massachusetts General.

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