Scientists at the University of Saskatchewan say they may have a cure for food allergies through a new immunotherapy technique. They can reverse allergic disease in animal tests and are ready to try it on humans.

In a mouse model, sensitivity to allergens was reversed. Specifically allergies to types of foods such as peanuts or eggs. The work has taken a decade to get to this point.

“We should be able to begin human trails within a year,” the scientists say.

Dr. John Gordon, lead scientist on the project at the University, says that they are applying for government approval to begin trials on humans. “One of the problems we have now is all of our treatments for allergy are symptomatic in nature, so they reduce symptoms, they manage symptoms and we can do that very well for many allergies,” he said. Instead, the researchers think they’ve found a way to eliminate the allergy at the get-go.

The research is ongoing, but cutting-edge.

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