Following the death of Queen’s University student Andrea Mariano (pictured at right), universities across Canada are reviewing their food allergy policies and practices.

Queen’s University student Andrea Mariano died on Friday, September 18, after a reaction to a smoothie purchased on campus. The first-year student had milk and peanut allergies, according to family members, and was diligent about avoiding those foods. The 18-year-old died in the hospital on the 18th, days after being rushed there when the reaction took place.

Canadian universities tighten up policies, review guidelines.

In the wake of the student’s death, universities throughout Canada are reviewing their policies and re-emphasizing food allergies to service providers on campus. The University of Alberta, for example, reports that it has reviewed policies and continues to have food-allergic students meet with the campus chef and some staff to discuss safe food items. The university’s housing policy is to try to group food-allergic students sharing rooms or facilities to avoid accidental exposure.

Most other universities answering queries from the press about their own policies have similar procedures in place. Since Mariano’s death, some have begun allergy awareness campaigns on campus as well.

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