Many people with food allergies feel like they’re suffering through it alone. However, with food allergy rates rising worldwide, it is more likely that your neighbors, friends, and coworkers also have food sensitivities.

The increasing prevalence of food allergies has also affected numerous celebrities, some of whom have been outspoken about their allergies.

Many celebrities suffer from gluten intolerance, an inability to consume the gluten found in wheat and other grains. New Girl star Zooey Deschanel cannot eat eggs, dairy, or gluten. Her gluten sensitivity is the result of celiac disease, an immune response to gluten. Other celebs with celiac disease include The View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck and political commentator Keith Olbermann.

Other food allergies are also common among celebs. Tennis star Serena Williams and actor Ray Romano both have peanut allergies, the most common form of food allergy.

In Good Company

These celebs are just a few of the millions of people worldwide who have food allergies. According to the National Institutes of Health, celiac disease affects an estimated one in 133 Americans. Meanwhile, food allergies are estimated to affect as many as 12 million Americans, or 4 percent of the population.

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