An 8-year-old girl in Indiana wrote a heartfelt and humorous letter to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay telling him about her severe food allergies and her wish that he cook for her. The girl, Abigail Carper, read the letter on camera and her mother posted it to Ramsay’s Twitter account. The chef responded almost immediately.

Abigail has such severe allergies that she is forced to eat through a feeding tube, but is a huge fan of cooking shows and of Ramsay in particular. She says she wants to be a chef when she grows up. She also plead with the chef to cook for her because her mom is “just an OK cook.”

Within 42 hours, Ramsay had contacted the girl’s mother and agreed to host them with food made specially for Abigail.

“When I grow up I want to be a chef just like you. Do you think you could cook some food or make new recipes on MasterChef Junior for me using only ingredients I can eat?

“My mum tries but she’s just an OK cook. I know you could make me something really good.”

The chef’s reaction set off a storm on Twitter. Ramsay, a Scottish chef, is best known for his television shows and his restaurants that span the globe.

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