September 28, 2023

Chick-fil-A Becomes First Major Fast Food Chain To Offer Gluten-free

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The Chick-fil-A fast food chain will offer gluten-free buns for those who request them at specific locations. Although the kitchens will not be gluten-free, plastic-wrapped buns can be had to replace the buns normally used on food served. The gluten-free buns will be offered in three restaurants nationally to test viability.

The new sandwich buns will be offered in Boise, Idaho, Seattle, Washington and Jackson, Mississippi. The buns are plastic wrapped until opened to be used to make the sandwich requested by the customer. If demand is high enough at the test restaurants, the restaurant chain will roll out the gluten-free buns nationally.

An option for some celiac sufferers.

Those whose celiac reactions are not severe or are not triggered by traces of celiac will likely be safe eating food from Chick-fil-A served on the new buns. The restaurants are not completely gluten-free and their kitchens will have cross-contamination, however, so this is more likely to help those with a gluten intolerance or who are pursuing a gluten-free lifestyle.

it does, however, raise awareness of the condition and Chick-fil-A is acknowledging that in their promotion of the limited rollout.

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