Sports news siteSB Nationspeculates that food allergen testing might be the next big way for baseball players to boost their performance. Over the past couple of years, several major league baseball players have eliminated food allergens from their diet, and experienced substantial improvements in their performance on the field.

Chicago Cubs outfielder Marlon Byrd saw a nutritionist after several other players recommended he do so. A test revealed that Byrd had sensitivities to milk and wheat. After he and his wife changed their diets, both saw significant results.

Minnesota Twins player Justin Morneau also underwent food allergy testing, which indicated sensitivities to sugar, gluten, and dairy. He lost 20 pounds after adjusting his diet, and has also seen improvements on the field.

Both players had undiagnosed food allergies, and experienced improvements in their on-field performance after cutting the allergens from their diet. Such stories could prompt other baseball players to undergo food allergen testing in the hopes that pinpointing and eliminating allergens will enable them to perform physically at a high level, too.

What do you think of this speculation? Did you experience a boost in energy or physical abilities after eliminating a food allergen from your diet?

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