September 28, 2023

Discovery Channel to air hour-long special on ‘food allergy epidemic’

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The Discovery Channel, along with Food Allergy Research & Awareness (FARE), has created an hour-long documentary on food allergies and their growing preponderance.

Narrated by Steve Carell, the documentary explores what it is like to live with life-threatening food allergies and how families and individuals manage their allergy and raise awareness in their communities.

The program was filmed by and will air on the Discovery Channel network. It was funded by a grant from FARE and Myland Specialty LP. The documentary premiered on Sept. 7 and will play again on Sept. 21 at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Raising Awareness

“We are proud to partner with the Discovery Channel to produce this important documentary that tells the story of millions of Americans who are managing food allergies and anaphylaxis every day, and details the progress being made to develop therapies that can help prevent life-threatening reactions,” said John L. Lehr, chief executive officer of FARE. “Our hope is that this program will increase awareness of food allergy as a serious and growing public health issue, and educate viewers about the potentially life-threatening nature of the disease.”

The film spans the nation as its crew traveled the country talking with those affected by food allergies as well as experts in the field.

The documentary is also available on iTunes, and Discovery Education will make it available with additional classroom materials for educators. FARE is encouraging supporters to host viewing parties of the documentary.

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