September 26, 2023

Doctors Prescribe Smartphone Apps To Help Patients Manage Food Allergies

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Doctors in the United Kingdom have been asked to recommend free or inexpensive smartphone apps to help their patients manage chronic health conditions ranging from food allergies to depression. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has compiled a list of almost 500 smartphone programs that will be recommended by the National Health Service (NHS) for patients in the UK, saysThe Telegraph.

Among the apps on the ‘recommended’ list is a tool that allows those with food allergies to scan barcode labels in supermarkets. The app will warn them if the product contains allergens. Another app, produced by Diabetes UK, displays reminders to help diabetics remember to check their blood sugar levels.

Lansley explained the motivation for his recommendations by saying “So many people use apps every day to keep up with their friends, with the news, find out when the next bus will turn up or which train to catch. I want to make using apps to track blood pressure, to find the nearest source of support when you need it and to get practical help in staying healthy the norm. With more information at their fingertips, patients can truly be in the driving seat.”

What do you think of the use of smartphone apps to access information related to your food allergies?

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