The Domino’s pizza chain has recently debuted a gluten-free crust. If you’re among the millions of Americans with celiac disease, you might be excited by this news – but be cautious. The pizza chain itself says that the new pizza isn’t meant for those with an allergy to gluten.

According toEveryday Health,Domino’s consulted with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness to develop a pizza crust made from rice, potato, and tapioca, rather than wheat flour. However, it’s still made in the same restaurant kitchen, alongside regular pizzas and pastas that contain gluten. As a result, there is potential for cross-contamination, and the chain doesn’t recommend it for those who react to very small amount of gluten, such as people with celiac disease.

Instead, they suggest that the gluten-free pizza is best for those with gluten sensitivity (a milder form of gluten intolerance) or those following a gluten-free diet for other reasons. The Domino’s website says that in introducing the gluten-free crust, the chain “does not want to set unrealistic expectations” and “would rather be honest and transparent about this product.” The new pizza will cost $12 (about three dollars more than the regular pizzas).

This isn’t the only pizza chain to introduce a gluten-free pie recently. Chuck E. Cheese’s says it is beginning to test gluten-free pizzas in its Minnesota locations. Theirs will be made in a gluten-free facility, delivered frozen and sealed in an oven-safe bag, to be opened at the guest’s table to avoid cross-contamination. And if you need something to wash down your pizza, Anheuser-Busch also announced this week that they’re introducing gluten-free Michelob Ultra Light Cider.

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