September 28, 2023

EAT and BBDO Launch PSA for Life-Threatening Allergies

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End Allergies Together (EAT), a food allergy non-profit, has teamed with award-winning advertising agency BBDO to develop a public education campaign. The campaign is aimed towards advising the public about life-threatening food allergy dangers that some people live with every day. The campaign is titled Could You Eat and began airing last week.

The PSA stars Ming Tsai, an award-winning chef, and is dedicated to the memory of Oakley Debbs, an 11-year old boy who lost his life after a nut allergy reaction.

The PSA includes a text-to-give campaign.

The campaign lets viewers text “CURE” to 80077 and donate to EAT, whose primary purpose is to fund research towards finding a cure for food allergies.

“After watching this PSA, we hope people of all ages will understand the severity of food allergies and the risks those affected face every single time they eat,” EAT co-founder Elise Bates said in a news release.

The PSA video can be seen here.

In the video, chef Tsai attempts to serve deadly foods to people on the street from a food truck, explaining the life-threatening effects that the foods would have were the people to eat them. The purpose is to show what it’s like for someone with a deadly food allergy to gamble on food every day.

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