End Allergies Together (EAT) was founded in January as a fundraising campaign for research to cure food allergies.

That sole focus is to be aimed towards a social media campaign utilizing the hashtag #Just10BucksToEat.

Founded by Kim Hall and Elise Bates, both moms who have children affected by food allergies, the EAT campaign is the only independent organization whose only purpose is to raise money for food allergy research towards a cure.

The #Just10BucksToEat campaign kicked off for National Allergy Awareness month (May) to encourage people to donate $10 to find a food allergy cure.

$450 million goal

The goal is to raise $450 million to fund food allergy research. They pledge that 100 percent of the funds raised will go towards research.

EAT believes that this is the amount of money needed to find a cure and “close the enormous funding gap” in the field. The focus is on three aspects of research: food desensitization, medication/treatments and basic science to find the root cause.

EAT is based in Fairfield, Connecticut. Donations can be made to the EAT non-profit, and more information can be found on its website at EndAllergiesTogether.com.

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