Police in Manchester, England, say they are considering pursuing criminal charges under the nation’s new food safety laws after a University of Manchester student died from a suspected allergic reaction at a local restaurant.

The restaurant, part of a chain, is required to disclose allergy information and to have trained personnel on staff during food preparation to avoid allergen contamination. Failing to do so could result in criminal charges.

Police and health departments are investigating the incident

The Manchester student, Shahida Shahid, died in the hospital after eating at the “Almost Famous” restaurant. A joint investigation by the police department and the city’s environmental health department could result in criminal charges should wrongdoing by the restaurant or its staff be found. They warn, however, that the investigation could take some time and that legal ramifications and prosecutors’ checking of the new law would also be required.

Shahida was rushed to a hospital on Jan. 9 after collapsing. She died a few days later from what is believed to have been a severe allergic reaction. The circumstances are difficult, however, given that her collapse was after she’d left the restaurant.

The story is being closely watched by many in Britain’s food allergy movement. More information on the story can be found here.

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