September 28, 2023

Families in West Orange, N.J., raise money, awareness for food allergies

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Two families in West Orange, N.J., organized a neighborhood gathering of several families to educate the public and raise money for food allergy research.

The families, the Hahns and the Ngs, have children with moderate to severe food allergies and organized the event that brought several families together. The money raised during the gathering went to Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE).

Raising Money and Awareness

The event was held in conjunction with a Redwood School District walk over the weekend that coincided with a community garage sale, raising $1,500 to complete the neighborhood’s $5,000 goal for FARE.

For the Hahns and Ngs, food allergies are a daily issue. Kaitlyn Hahn, 5, first exhibited food allergy symptoms as a baby when her mother took her off breast milk and Kaitlyn reacted to the formula given. That was when her mother learned that Kaitlyn’s chronic eczema was due to her mother’s consumption of foods to which Kaitlyn was allergic.

Another child at the event, Kevin, grew out of most of his food allergies by the time he reached middle school, but he is still allergic to some things like tree nuts and peanuts.

The events in New Jersey showcasewhat families can do when they come together into neighborhoods and raise awareness of food allergies.

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