Food Allergy Research & Association presented its case for better food allergy awareness in travel to top executives of many airlines during a conference in Washington, D.C.

The conference, which included a working group from Airlines for America, an industry association, invited George Dahlman, FARE vice president of advocacy and government relations, to speak about food allergies and their impact on travelers.

Dahlman explained the need for guidelines and detailed accommodations to encourage safer travel for food allergy sufferers. He pointed out potential economic benefits for the airline(s) that are willing to come forward with a food allergy program and commended those who have taken steps such as dropping the traditional peanuts from their in-flight snack offerings.

Conference communicates sufferers’ experiences to airlines

With Dahlman was Amy Wicker, founder, whose short documentary on food allergies in travel – focusing on her own children and what must be done to keep them safe on the road – was pivotal in opening the doors of the conference to FARE.Where Dahlman’s approach was specific, Wicker’s was more personal. They believe they’ve made an impact on the airlines.

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