September 28, 2023

Florida joins states protecting school children with food allergies

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A new Florida law allows schools to stock epinephrine auto-injectors (such as EpiPens) for use by trained staff when a child suffers from an allergic reaction.

The law also provides for funds to increase awareness and training of school staff in spotting allergy responses, even for children previously not known to have allergies to foods or other items.

The law also provides a release from liability for responding school employees who administer an auto-injection if those personnel have been trained in their use. Schools are required under the law to adopt an anaphylaxis protocol that meets these new standards and protections, under the consultancy of a licensed physician.

The law was supported through Florida’s legislature by several medical and advocacy groups and parents of children with allergies. Two epinephrine manufacturers have agreed to distribute devices to every public and private school in the state at reduced cost.

The new law was signed by Gov. Rick Scott and took effect on July 1.

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