September 26, 2023

Food Allergies Make Visiting State Fair Dangerous

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For many people, the upcoming Minnesota State Fair is the epitome of state fairs, filled with carnival games, spinning rides, and food – cheese curds, deep fried Twinkies, and other sinful treats. Yet for those who have food allergies, sampling fairgrounds fare could actually be deadly. How can you enjoy your visit to the fair without putting yourself in danger?

Jeff Schaefer, of the Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Association of Minnesota (AFAA) says his organization will be offering help for those who have food allergies and are visiting the state fair. In the Health Fair building, the AFAA booth will offer ‘Mad Science,’ a yearly feature of hands-on fun for kids and adults. Stop by the booth to learn about allergen-free options at the fairgrounds too.

What about visiting other state fairs this summer and autumn? Look for an allergen-free food section – more and more state fairs are instituting these as a result of high demand. And treat eating at the fair like you would eating any restaurant or commercially-processed food, by staying away from menu items likely to have been made with your food allergen or come into contact with the allergen during the cooking process.

Stay safe, and enjoy the fair! Read more about AFAA’s efforts to help fairgoers avoid allergens here:…

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