Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) hosted its annual International Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Alliance meeting on September 27-29. The meeting set international policy on food allergy, research, education, and treatment for associated asthma and allergy groups worldwide.

Globally, at least 220 million people have a food allergy, many life-threatening, and the numbers are growing rapidly, says FARE. The Alliance meeting focused on advancing food allergy awareness and encouraging the commercial sector to fight the problem.

Members of the Alliance have engaged patient advocates, physician experts, major food manufacturers and for the first time pharmaceutical scientists to act on critical problems for individuals with food allergies. This includes promoting the need for research, better food labeling, and travel accommodations for food allergy sufferers in transport, lodging, and dining.

The world is suffering.

“The world is suffering a crisis in food allergy that threatens the lives of people across the globe. Patients lack access to effective treatments or even safe foods, and these problems are worsening under the burden of rapidly increasing patient numbers. FARE is imploring this global gathering to share their successes and challenges so that we can implement strategies to advance the interests of the hundreds of millions of food allergic individuals,” said James R. Baker, Jr., MD, CEO of FARE. “We must tackle key deficiencies in food allergy research, education, and advocacy to work toward meaningful policy changes and research advances on a global scale.”

The Alliance meeting was held in Dulles, Virginia and is the only meeting of its kind. Food allergy, advocacy, and similar organizations from countries such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, and many more were in attendance.

Source: PR Web

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