The second Food Allergy Bloggers Conference will take place in Denver, Colorado on November 13th through the 15th. The conference brings together bloggers, physicians, experts, chefs, and more to talk about food allergies from every angle. The conference is premised on the idea that food allergy bloggers are one of the key information communicators in the food allergy sphere.

“I hope attendees take home a sense of community and support, new friends, products to make managing dietary restrictions easier, as well as knowledge to enhance their disease management, blogs and business plans,” says Jenny Sprague, co-founder of the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference.

Conference open to anyone interested.

The conference is open to anyone concerned with food allergies, though the focus will mainly be on bloggers and communicators. Subject matter will range from recipes and products to building a social media presence and raising awareness.

Presenters include emergency room doctor and professor of pediatrics, Dr. Julie Brown, attorney Jim Long, and author Nicole Smith. Author Matthew Smith will be signing his new book A History of Food Allergy and well-known researcher Dr. Michael Pistiner will speak as well. Guest chefs and cooks include Alisa Fleming, Jackie Ourman, Colette Martin, and others.

Registration is open and more information can be found

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