Texas has become the 15th state in the nation to adopt food allergy guidelines to help schools deal with food allergies. School districts and charter schools across the state will be required to develop and implement policies pertaining to students with food allergies.

Dr. Drew Bird, director of the Food Allergy Center at Children’s Medical Center, commented that the new policy will help to protect students who “come into contact accidentally with an allergen to which they can have a life-threatening reaction” while in the school building. Previously, it was up to each school or district to develop its own food allergy policy, and it was not mandatory to do so.

Students’ First Allergic Reactions Happening at School

According to Dr. Bird, about 15 percent of children with food allergies will experience their first reaction while at school. “So it’s important not only how to recognize how to treat the reaction for the kids who we know are allergic but for those who have not yet been diagnosed, it’s really important to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms,” he explained. The new requirements also include staff training on how to spot and treat allergic reactions.

Does your child’s school have a written food allergy policy?

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