A French court recognized an allergy to wi-fi signals as a medical disorder, awarding a woman a monthly disability allowance. Known as “electromagnetic hypersisitivity” (EHS), the French woman’s case is not the first time the condition has been contested.

Medical experts are mixed and the literature offers little substantiation for EHS, though case studies of individuals globally have been made. EHS can be caused by any electronic signal and sufferers often manifest with several allergy-like symptoms to more than one emission type.

She was living in a barn with no power.

Unable to work, since she cannot go to urban or suburban areas where Wi-Fi and similar signals are abundant, the woman, Marine Richard, has been living in a rural barn without electricity. The ruling in her favor may set a precedent in that country, as similar rulings have set precedent in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe.

Ironically, Ms. Richard was a radio producer before she began to have problems with her alleged allergy.

EHS is relatively common in Europe and “colonies,” or EHS-free zones, have been established by sufferers and those who campaign on their behalf. A common complaint are mobile phone towers, radio towers, large electrical establishments, and Wi-Fi data connections.

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