A Girl Scout in New Jersey has won the Gold Award, a top honor given only to those girls who’ve gone well above and beyond. Megan Kolides, a high school senior, was given the award for her work educating restaurants and universities on food allergies.

Megan, who developed a life-threatening food allergy in 2014, began a campaign to educate food service professionals on food safety. She created a Power Point presentation, handout materials, and a website. She then began writing letters to food outlets in New Jersey and surrounding areas.

Megan has lectured at universities and spoke with chefs and cooks in restaurants.

Her work informing management, food service personnel, and others about food allergies and safe food handling earned her the Gold Award. This is the highest award a Girl Scout can attain and requires at least 80 hours of leadership project work and commitment.

Megan has been a member of Girl Scout Troop 230 since kindergarten and had already earned her Silver Award after another charity project for needy veterans before starting her latest. She is the first girl in her troop to receive a Gold Award and one of only a handful in the entire state of New Jersey.

Ms. Kolides is a high school senior at Montville High School in Montville Township, NJ.

Source: NorthJersey.com

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