Meeting planners are now getting more educated about how food allergy and dietary restrictions can affect their event planning.

One planner who’s seeing an increased need to address food allergies at events is Tracy Stuckrath, a nutritionist turned event planner and owner of Thrive! Meetings and Events.

For Stuckrath, the key to great planning is simple: thoroughly grill chefs on the ingredients and processes for foods being used, from individual ingredients to the full menu. Asking questions is key.

Large chains implementing food-allergy procedures

Hotel and catering chains are on board with this, with large international chains like Marriott International being very scrupulous about their offerings. Coupled with technology, Marriott is creating guest-based menus and dietary requirements that are passed from one hotel to another as the guest travels.

Finally, both agree that detailed questions of attendees who many have restrictions are a must. After all, if you don’t know what they need, you cannot accommodate it.

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