How would you like to be a part of a cooking show dedicated to helping families with food allergies find new, fun, and easy recipes that work around their allergens? Well, now you can.

Scratch Test Kitchen┬áis a food allergy-aware cooking show created by Stephanie Crugnola, who is trying to fund the show’s first season of online episodes plus a pilot to pitch to food companies and TV networks to get it on the air with future sponsorships.

The fundraising is being done through and is very near its goal of $6,000 with just a few days to go. The great video at the head of the Kickstarter campaign will show you the quality they’re aiming for and the presentation Crugnola has.

The show will go into production as soon as the funding is in place and the details can be squared away for the logistics. The cast, crew and episode scripts are already in place and ready to rock.

To find out more about and contribute to Scratch Test Kitchenclick here.

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