Introimmune Therapeutics presented at the New York VEnture Capital Association 2016 Health and Bio Technology Summit. The company highlighted their products aimed towards treating peanut allergies, focusing on the technology of their process.

The summit was held in the MIcrosoft Technology Center in New York, New York. Introimmune’s tech focuses on oral mucosal immunotherapy, a toothpaste containing trace amounts of peanut proteins.

Introimmune points out that there are no FDA-approved treatments for peanut allergies on the market.

There are many options being explored, however, with several biotech companies coming forward with their own ideas and products through clinical and trial testing. Most are targeting peanut allergies, often the most severe food allergy, and using their platforms to move forward on other allergens as well.

The Introimmune presentation was made by the company’s CEO, Michael Nelson, and brought awareness of the newly-emerging allergy treatment sphere to the entrepreneurs and investors at the summit.

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