September 27, 2023

Ireland Decides to Continue Using Recalled Epinephrine Drug

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Anapen, a brand of epinephrine injection pen commonly used in many European countries, is still being used in Ireland despite being recalled in the UK. The United Kingdom issued the recall in May over problems with devices that failed to deliver the full dose of medication.

No alternative available in Ireland

The Irish Medicine Board decided against recalling the drug in Ireland. In doing so, they noted that Anapen is the main brand of epinephrine auto-injector available in the country, with no alternative available to provide the same level of life-saving medication. The Board decided that “Anapen will continue to be available in Ireland until such time as there is an alternative. Patients would be at greater risk if no product was available.” The IMB also issued an advisory notice to healthcare professionals alerting them to the issue.

Issues with Anapens

In May, Anapens were recalled by the manufacturer as a precaution after a potential problem was found with the injector’s ability to deliver the adrenaline medication. No problems have yet been reported, but patients who have been prescribed an Anapen are advised to speak with their doctors to determine the best course of action.

The worst case scenario is a failed injection in an emergency situation when a person has a severe allergic reaction. In such a scenario, the potentially life-threatening reaction would continue unstopped until another dose of epinephrine is administered.

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