September 27, 2023

Journalist Writes Dramatic Play Featuring Food Allergy Issues

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Journalist Jill Brooke has written a dramatic play featuring food allergies. She says that while the theme of “What’s Eating You” is focused on food, the deeper message is communication between couples. The play, which opens May 3 in St. George, New York, was inspired by Brooke’s own relationship. “The only thing I was sure I could do was cook a meal every night…then I realized the healing power of cooking.” she commented to New York’

The dramedy follows four people: a top chef unhappily married to a food activist, a father whose son nearly died from a food allergy, and his wife, who struggles with the lifestyle changes prompted by their child’s severe food allergies. Brooke says her biggest challenge in developing the play – a process that took more than two years – was how to approach a serious subject like food allergies with humor.

She wants her play to convey the need to embrace, respect, and nourish differences, whether within a marriage or in broader circumstances. “It’s really about the power of love and healing and understanding. And good cooking, of course!” she says.

What do you think of the idea of writing a play around food allergy issues?

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