A fifth-grader in Portage, Michigan has raised over $6,500 for the Food Allergy Research and Education foundation (FARE) with collection jars at her school.

Haleigh Loso attends Woodland Elementary in Portage, Michigan and has extreme allergies to nuts, eggs, shellfish, raw peas and beans. The 11-year-old has been raising money for allergy awareness and research for four years and has so far collected over $6,500 in donations for FARE.

She raised more than $1,500 this year.

Haleigh and her friends worked with the school to raise money in classrooms and around campus through donation jars. Most of the donations come in the form of change dropped into the jars by students and staff who leave their change from lunches or other purchases behind.

“It will help find a cure for food allergies and will really help lots of people,” said Haleigh to a local news station. “They just really want to help each other, which is so sweet to see.” All of the classes in the school which raised more than $175 this year will get to see their teachers wearing ridiculous wigs for a day.

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