Marci Komssi, a mom of twins in Massachusetts, has launched a new product line of stickers, temporary tattoos and bracelets for children with food allergies.

The products include allergy information for the child that is presented in a fun format.

Komssi came up with the idea after a mix-up in lunch bags at school caused her son to have a reaction and be rushed to an emergency room. Her son Ryan, 11, is allergic to tree nuts whereas his identical twin brother, Cole, has no allergies.

All AllerWare products made in the US

Komssi isn’t just in the business of making temporary tattoos and stickers for children with allergies. She’s an active allergy mom with a long history of working with allergy groups in Central Massachusetts and nationally.

Komssi is the director of social media for the AllergyMoms Facebook page, founder of the Central Massachusetts Parents of Children with Food Allergies Support Group, and more.

“There are all kinds of bracelets and necklaces to identify allergies in kids, but my son wouldn’t keep them on,” she said. “So I developed a line of temporary tattoos, stickers and paper bracelets with cute characters on them that would appeal to the younger set, typically from day care to aged 5.”

The products, called AllerWare, are intended to be a friendly reminder to caregivers and will hopefully be well-received by those kids who won’t wear other alert bands.

“Everything is made in the USA – the stickers are produced in Medina, Ohio, the tattoos in Tucson, Arizona, and the bracelets in Benton City, Washington,” Komssi says.

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