Three mothers of children with food allergies got together to form an alliance called the Food Allergy Network.

The group, formed in September, works to raise community awareness, education and support for children with food allergies. One of their first priorities was to change how the school system treats children with allergies.

New school policies

Last week, that work culminated in the Burgess Elementary School. The group implemented a new policy that adds several safeguards for children with allergies in the school. The mothers hope the policies will be adopted by the district soon as well.

One policy requires parents to sign a notification that someone in their child’s classroom has a food allergy, including information on appropriate snacks to avoid an allergic reaction.

The policy also allows the school’s nurses to train staff on the use of epinephrine injectors. The training is voluntary, but so far, staff has been responsive.

The school and the FAN network say that this is a big step forward for the one in nine children at the school (102 in all) with a food allergy.

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