September 28, 2023

Moms in Oregon pushing for unified state law for food allergies in schools

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A group in Portland, Oregon, called No Nuts Moms, is pushing state lawmakers to create legislation that would make food allergy policies uniform in the state’s schools.

One of the group’s founders, Jeanette Baxter, has a daughter with a severe¬†peanut allergy¬†who recently went to the emergency room because of residue on a desk at school.

Statewide safety at school

The challenge is to get lawmakers on board with uniform policymaking for schools. Baxter wants parents who move from one town to another in Oregon to “not have to reinvent the wheel” when it comes to allergy accommodation for their children.

Another of the group’s members, Aaryn Peterson, drives her child to a charter school on a one-hour round trip in order to give her child a better, allergen-free environment versus the local public school.

Rather than seeking to ban foods from the school or its cafeteria, they are asking for schools to allow parents to request allergen-free classrooms, lower the amount of food in classrooms, train staff, and stock EpiPens in every school.

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