Mylan has announced plans to introduced a “generic” version of its EpiPen epinephrine auto-injector in the coming weeks. The company has been under fire for continued raising of the product’s price over the past decade.

The generic will cost about half of what the brand name EpiPen costs, or roughly $300 per two-pack. The launch of the generic will come in the next few weeks, the drug maker says. Both 0.15- and 0.30-milligram strengths will be offered.

Prices have risen continually since 2007.

Mylan acquired the EpiPen product in 2007, when it sold for $94. Since then, it has risen to $608 per twin pack, but Myland claims that it receives only about a third of that purchase price with pharmacies and insurers receive the rest. The company already offers reduced price or free EpiPens to those who financially qualify for them. Mylan says that most of those purchasing an EpiPen through insurance pay nothing out of pocket for it.

The issuing of a generic EpiPen is on par with Mylan’s overall business structure, which is based on generics.

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