For National Food Safety Month, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) is showcasing the industry’s commitment to practicing and promoting food safety and food allergy awareness.

Throughout September, the Food Safety Month campaign will showcase aspects of the ServSafe Food Safety program, with emphasis on its new ServSafe Allergens online course. The course is designed to help front- and back-of-the house employees better serve restaurant customers who have food allergies.

“Food safety and allergen training are top priorities for our nation’s nearly one million restaurant and food service establishments,” said William Weichelt, director of the NRA’s ServSafe program. “Food allergens affect more than 15 million Americans nationwide, so food-safety education, especially regarding allergens, is vital to restaurant operators everywhere who provide high-quality dining experiences to more than 130 million guests daily. We are looking forward to highlighting the important strides the NRA and our partners are making with food allergen awareness and training.”

ServSafe Allergens was developed with the input of Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). More can be found on the ServSafe website. National Food Safety Month is sponsored by SCA and the National Restaurant Association.

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