September 27, 2023

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness Revokes Gluten-Free Designation for Domino’s Pizza

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Earlier this month, Domino’s Pizza announced its plans to introduce a gluten-free pizza crust. However, the news drew backlash from many with celiac disease, because of the significant potential for cross-contamination. Dietician Alysa Bajenaru, who herself has celiac disease, commented“Everyone is jumping on the (gluten-free) bandwagon, but few are doing it safely.”

The new Domino’s pizza crust was developed in partnership with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, or NFCA. It was given an “Amber” designation by the Foundation, as part of the NFCA’s tiered system of gluten rankings, introduced in April.

“Amber” indicates that the crust is okay for those with a mild gluten sensitivity, but not recommended for those with celiac disease or other severe forms of gluten intolerance. While the crust itself does not contain gluten, current operations at Domino’s restaurants cannot guarantee a fully gluten-free pizza.

After the backlash, the NFCA announced that it is reconsidering its decision to use a tiered system, and suspending use of the “Amber” designation. According to the statement, “While the NFCA recognizes the importance of alerting consumers to cross-contamination risks, the community response has prompted NFCA to reconsider the Amber Designation… We will conduct a review to determine the most effective and clearest way to warn the community of the risk of cross-contamination and the use of the phrase ‘Gluten Free.’”

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