September 28, 2023

National Recall for David Trail Mix Over Milk Allergy Risk

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ConAgra Foods has issued a voluntary recall of David Trail Mix Sweet & Salty due to a possible undeclared milk ingredient. The recall is national and is being conducted through the Food and Drug Administration.

The recall affects only the five ounce bags of the specific product David Trail Mix Sweet & Salty with UPC code 26200 23885. This product is sold across the United States and Mexico.

Recall after customer complaint from allergic reaction.

The recall came after a customer complained of an allergic reaction. The complaint lead to an investigation that found undeclared milk (lactose) in the product, which triggered the recall. No other instances of allergic reaction to the product have been reported.

Those who have purchased the product are encouraged to return it to the place of purchase for a refund or throw away the product. The David Trail Mix involved has been removed from store shelves at most retailers nationally.

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