September 27, 2023

Neighbor Saves Toddler Suffering From Food Allergy Reaction

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A toddler has been saved by a quick-thinking neighbor who realized that the boy was suffering from a severe allergic reaction.

Three-year-old Parker Watt was playing with cats and dogs in the garden of his neighbor, Anna Crawford-Ripon. When his eyes, face, and throat began to swell, the toddler’s mother took him home to sleep it off. Anna accompanied the pair back to their home. However, Anna, a former army nurse, soon realized that Parker was suffering from a serious allergic reaction, according to report by theUK Deadline News.

After Parker began struggling to breathe, Anna’s medical training kicked in, and she was able to keep him alive by performing CPR until paramedics arrived. Afterwards, Parker’s mother Amanda commented “If she had not come with me I would have let him sleep and he would have died.”

As for why Anna accompanied the little boy and his mother back to their house, Anna explained “I followed Amanda because he didn’t look right… Something just made me follow her through to her house. That little boy has a guardian angel somewhere.”

Parker’s mother now plans to have her son undergo allergy testing. She praised Anna’s quick-thinking, saying that she was “forever in her debt” for recognizing the signs of an allergic reaction.

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