September 28, 2023

Nestle to discuss food allergy management at Allergies Summit 2014

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The SMi Allergies conference, dubbed the Allergies Summit 2014, will be held July 9-10 in London and will feature an exclusive update from Allergy Research Scientist Dr. Chiara Nembrini in a keynote address.

Highlights of that address will include her work with the Nestle food company on their global approach to allergy management and the challenges found in food immunotherapy and current advances in food allergy treatments.

Chiara Nembrini, PhD, is a research scientist in the Allergy group at the Nestlé Research Center. Her role is to lead research projects focusing on the development of nutritional solutions for the prevention and reduction of symptoms of allergic diseases.

SMi Group has worked in partnership with an expert advisory board to put together an agenda which will examine key areas such as novel approaches in the treatment of allergy, therapeutic advances, allergic pathophysiology, a current update on food allergies, the future of allergen-specific immunotherapy and challenges, allergy prevention, diagnosis and drug development.

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