A 24-year-old man with food allergies died in Lyndonville, Vermont after likely coming into contact with food. Edward Alfred Horan, II lived in Hooksett, New Hampshire and was visiting friends in Lyndonville when emergency services were called at about 11:40 pm.

The responders found the man collapsed from food allergies, but could not revive him. He was pronounced dead at the scene, Vermont State Police report.

The Vermont Medical Examiner has not formally announced cause of death, but the police report that the man’s family says he had a “severe specific food allergy” and that he may have accidentally ingested some of that food.

The American Academy of Allergy conducted a study in 2013 which found that the fatality rate among those hospitalized for anaphylaxis is relatively low, with only about 81 deaths per year (0.30%) on average. Yet that number jumps sharply outside of the hospital, when someone suffers an attack and emergency personnel arrive too late. This emphasizes the importance of calling for an ambulance as soon as allergy symptoms appear to be getting out of control.

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