A new law in the state of Michigan will increase allergy awareness in dining establishments.

The law was two years in the making and had the full support of Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE).

Law lists new requirements for restaurants

Known as Senate Bill 730 (read it here), the law makes the following changes:

  1. At least one manager at each food-service establishment must become certified as a “food safety manager.” To get certified, the manager will need to take training about food allergies through a sanctioned course or video course.
  2. Restaurants must inform customers either with a note in the menu or via a window sticker that they need to tell servers of any food allergies.
  3. Food allergy awareness posters must be put in staff areas of the restaurant.

The goal of the law is to make training more consistent through effective improvements that are easily implemented without heavily impacting food businesses. The legislation drew inspiration from similar laws enacted in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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