A new study conducted at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center suggests that giving kids with egg allergies progressively larger doses of eggs could help them overcome the allergy.

Dr. Jeffrey Culp of St. Joseph Medical Center explains that the approach is known as oral immunotherapy. Although researchers have found success using the technique to treat several different types of food allergies, it is not yet widely available in doctors’ offices. Dr. Culp says “Unfortunately, I do believe that these oral immunotherapies for foods are just in their infantile stages. We’re not ready to take these into the local offices and start doing these treatments.” Right now, the only practical treatment for food allergies is avoiding the food. But recent research, such as this Johns Hopkins study and another study involving milk allergies, offers hope for those with food allergies.

Same Method Used to Treat Milk Allergies

According to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, “Previous research at Hopkins Children’s showed that the same approach … can be used successfully to treat children with milk allergies. Some of the children in the milk allergy study overcame their condition completely, and many experienced less severe allergic symptoms as a result of the therapy.”

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