September 28, 2023

New study considering alcohol’s role in allergies

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A new study being conducted by Leatherhead Food Research is examining the possible link between alcohol and antacid consumption and food allergies.

Anecdotal evidence sometimes suggests that food allergies can be triggered or heightened by factors such as alcohol or antacid use, and researchers are curious if there is a link.

Larger study investigates many aspects of food allergies

The research is part of a four-year international study looking at several aspects of food allergies. The study, Integrated Approaches to Food Allergy and Allergy Risk Management, began in 2013 and is being coordinated at the University of Manchester.

The goal of this alcohol study is to determine whether foods otherwise considered safe to eat by allergy sufferers may become dangerous if other chemicals common to the public are added to the mix. Consumption of wine or beer, for example, is known to change the acid makeup of the stomach, which may be a contributing factor to allergen sensitivity.

The study begins soon and results will be added to the broader iFAAM study.

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