A new study published in Allergy has found that fish and chicken meat are cross-reactive through three allergens. The small study could change how allergists test for allergies as well as how treatments could be researched.

The study included 29 patients with a food allergy to both fish and chicken meant and 7 more who were allergic to chicken only. None of those involved were allergic to eggs.

The study identified the chicken protein allergen, but added two new allergens for those allergic to both chicken and fish.

The new allergens point to the possibility of increased risk of cross-reaction among fish-allergic individuals, who may be more likely to be allergic to some chicken allergens. The allergens in the meats, which include enolase, adolase, and parvalbumin, can appear in different parts of the bird and may not necessarily be effected by cooking method.

The study was conducted at the Luxembourg Institute of Health in Esch-sur-Alzette and lead by Annette Kuehn, PhD.

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