Walton Elementary School in New Jersey recently banned outside food during birthday celebrations and holidays at school. Some parents are protesting the banning of cupcakes and other celebratory treats, according to theSpringfield Patch.

Walton Principal Dr. Susie Hung sent a letter to parents in early February stating that as of February 14, parents were no longer allowed to bring in treats to celebrate birthdays or holidays. Instead, they would have to order approved birthday treats through the school district’s Food Services office.

Several parents protested the decision at the recent Springfield Schools’ Board of Education meeting. There, Superintendent Michael Davino explained that the policy was intended to bring the focus of the school day back to education, rather than entertainment. “Parties do not have a place in the educational environment,” he said, “We have limited instruction time as it is.”

Several parents also commented that the rule was helpful in terms of avoiding food allergens and watching children’s nutrition. One mother with a student who attends Walton spoke during the meeting, saying that she was thankful for the policy because her son’s severe food allergies had already resulted in several hospitalizations. During the school board meeting, Davino revealed that he himself has food allergies, and understands the danger posed by serving cupcakes and other home-baked treats at school.

Does your child’s school allow outside food for celebrations? If so, are you worried about the risk of allergic reactions this could pose?

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