A new study says that pasteurized eggs are just as allergenic as their raw counterparts.

The study, conducted in order to determine if pasteurized eggs could be used in allergy testing, was published in Pediatric Allergy and Immunology.

In most allergy testing, especially with children, pasteurized raw eggs are used in order to avoid possible salmonella or avian influenza poisoning. Pasteurized eggs are fresh, raw eggs heated just enough to kill bacteria.

Researchers concerned about pasteurization process

Researchers were concerned that the pasteurized eggs may not be as allergen-potent as their raw counterparts because the pasteurization and drying process may alter egg proteins.

Lead author Merryn Netting, a PhD student at the University of Adelaide in Australia, says that heating of any kind “has the potential to affect the allergenic properties of egg protein.”

The study, however, conducted in the laboratory to measure egg proteins and analyze differences between raw and pasteurized, found little difference.

Source: Wiley Online Library

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