Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has awarded a grant of £10.8 million (approximately $17 million USD) to Cambridge University Hospitals intended as an investment in their clinical research facilities. Professor Srishna Chatterjee, from Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH), commented “We are delighted our funding application was successful.”

Professor Chatterjee then explained that the grant “Will support clinical research in areas including peanut allergy, developing an artificial pancreas for the treatment of diabetes, understanding obesity, and dementia…”We are privileged for this opportunity to translate fundamental research into patient benefit.”

Part of the money will be used to research a potential cure for peanut allergies. According toBBC,peanut allergies are estimated to affect one in 50 children in the UK. Food allergies are increasingly on the government’s radar as rates of children with food allergies continue to climb.

Andrew Lansley, Secretary of State for Health, commented that the awards were intended to help researchers who hope to “push forward the boundaries of what is possible.” Currently, there is no cure for peanut allergies; the only way to avoid a reaction is to avoid coming into contact with peanuts. Several research teams are currently investigating potential cures and treatments to help those with peanut allergies and other severe food allergies.

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