A law passed earlier this year goes into effect on December 31 in Pennsylvania and will allow schools to stock epinephrine autoinjectors and for trained employees at the school to administer them in an emergency. Similarly, legislation in New Jersey just passed and is headed for the governor’s desk to be signed into law.

The law in Pennsylvania took 18 months of wrangling to get passed, but did so in October. It allows schools to stock epinephrine injectors, to train employees to use them in emergencies, and gives liability release should they do so. The law goes into effect and will be implemented by most of the state’s schools after December 31.

In New Jersey, a similar law passed before the Christmas holiday, and is now headed for Governor Christie’s desk. He’s expected to sign it after the break, putting it into law in Jersey next year. The law essentially changes current law which require school administrators to have prior permission from parents before using an autoinjector. It also adds provisions to allow schools to stock those injectors without prescriptions.

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