Does your dog always seem to be getting ear infections? If so,Mercury Newssays that the culprit may be food allergies. That’s right, humans aren’t the only mammals susceptible to food sensitivities.

As theMercury Newsreports, in dogs and cats “Recurrent infections are very common and are almost always related to food allergies.” If your pet constantly licks his or her foot or shakes its head, this could also be a sign of food reactions.

If you think your pet has a food allergy, speak with the veterinarian. According to veterinarian Dave Roos, DVM, there may be medication available to help alleviate your pet’s symptoms. Also consider changing your pet’s diet by finding a pet food that does not contain the allergen that is affecting your pet. If your pet’s daily food does not seem to be the culprit, examine whether any treats may be causing a reaction.

Allergy-friendly pet foods are available for dogs and cats. Usually, such foods contain a sweet potato base with rabbit, turkey, salmon, or venison. Instead of processed treats, consider giving your pets apples, carrots, or other whole foods, with your vet’s approval. It may take several weeks after changing your pet’s diet to see results.

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