A new survey from the Private Label Manufacturers Association shows that in-store brands of popular food products labeled as organic, gluten-free, dye-free, lactose-free, or allergen-free offer significant savings to consumers. Store brands, also called “private label brands,” can save as much as 41 percent at the register.

The research created typical “shopping baskets” of specialty products that met the various criteria (organic, gluten-free, etc.) and included all in-store and market-wide discounts and coupons available at the time of the study. Baskets were mixed according to varying diet needs, to include skin sensitivities, food allergies, celiac disease, or organic lifestyles. These were then compared to national brand counterparts in total price at the register.

Savings amounted to up to 41 percent.

The PLMA survey found that many products, especially those labeled as organics or gluten-free, had a high savings rate compared to their branded counterparts. In-store lactose-free milk, for example, had an average savings of 30 percent compared to the national brand. So did similar products like soy burgers, low-salt options, and so forth.

The greatest savings were with specific needs brands like allergen-free options or organic choices. These showed savings of up to 41 percent when national brands were compared to store brand prices.

The PLMA says that shoppers should compare prices and consider the in-store brand as a more affordable alternative.

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