The Quiznos restaurant chain has added an Interactive Allergy Menu feature to its website which is available via mobile access.

The feature allows customers to select allergens from a list of common¬†food allergies¬†and then see a menu of foods from Quiznos’ menu that do not contain those items. Hundreds of combinations are possible, including eight major allergen groups and many individual ingredients including MSG and sulfites.

Making it easy to find good, safe food

Quiznos says that they created the menu because there are an estimated 25 million people in the United States alone who suffer from food allergies or have dietary restrictions, and finding good food to eat should not be a chore for them.

The new website tool aims to reduce practical difficulties in finding menu items appropriate for the customer. It can be used before going to the restaurant or while in the restaurant via a mobile, Web-enabled device or smart phone.

The mobile app, in particular, works in tandem with the Quiznos ordering protocol, so once an item is selected, the app takes the user through bread, dressings, etc. options as they are asked by the server.

The customized Interactive Allergy Menu was created by Gipsee, Inc. in Colorado specifically for Quiznos.

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